Forgotten Frontier. All the land in the US has clearly been discovered, but there's plenty of places in nature that have been long forgotten. Places that offer beauty and challenges for the outdoor types. Red, founder and owner of Forgotten Frontier, has rediscovered these no longer trending places and offers guidance in exploring them. Whether it be hiking, rock climbing, canyoneering,
or caving, Forgotten Frontier works with individuals or groups on whatever outdoor goal they may have. 
The branding for Forgotten Frontier was a blast to create and explore the possibilities of. Eventually a raven was landed upon as the symbol mark, signifying wisdom, perspective, and guidance. A custom typeface was created for the wordmark, which has a blend of curved and hard edges, with a texture applied for a more rugged feel. And Mayan inspired illustrations were added to the visual identity to give off a mysterious and ancient feel for the land that has been forgotten. 


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