Amber Andersson is a graphic designer, illustrator, and typographer.
Let's try to make this interesting and skip all that formality stuff. 
As you can tell from my work, I am a graphic designer, illustrator, and typographer. A lot of my work is inspired by cultures around the world. Living in India for four months as a teenager was the catalyst to my obsession on all the myriad of ways people live their lives. I love bringing in warm colors and textures into my work, and creating custom type/lettering is a must (or at least play with an existing typeface).
I teach graphic design, lettering & typography, and visual communication theory courses at Dallas Baptist University — going on six years! I love teaching the next generation of designers and have a heart for young designers coming into this professional field. 
I'd say I'm an energetic introvert; black is my favorite color, red-orange second; organization is how I breath; and I love food. My husband and I love the outdoors (nature is the best way I relieve stress and reset the creative gears). I have two black cats. And, lastly —but most importantly — Jesus is my reason for living. ​​​​​​​
Canvas Rebel, 2023
Discussing meaningful projects, lessons learned and unlearned, and what's rewarding about being a graphic designer.
Bold Journey, 2023
Discussing confidence and self-esteem, what it takes to be successful as a creative, and should you lean into your strengths without working on your weaknesses.

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